30 DAY Challenge – Transform Your Body !

30 DAY Challenge – Transform Your Body !


Join the Balance Line’s 30 Day Challenge for total body sculpting workouts!


Long, lean toned muscles. Boosted metabolism. Dramatically flattened abs. Mental and physical strength and stamina.
Improved posture and flexibility. More energy.

Your body will be toned, trim and transformed forever!


The Program includes:


  • Intense body-transforming pilates classes and functional trainings
  • Nutrition Guide for all thirty days
  • Calorie calculator and workout tracker to record your results as the kilos come off!
  • Deep tissue massage.



Amazing instructors. Amazing classes. Amazing results. Get on board!


Bring a friend and get 10% off!
Sign up until 12 June.
Starts 18 June until 17 July.