Balance Line Studio was opened in 2016 as the first Pilates studio of its kind.  Here you can experience traditional Pilates workout with authentic Pilates equipment created by Joseph Pilates.

Our studio classes are focused on attention to detail & reflect our comprehensive, in-depth approach. Your desire and motivation to maintain healthy body will help us together to achieve desired results.

“In Balance Line, we believe that good health is only achievable in a good environment.

We created a place where we hold on every detail and strive for every client to receive professional attitude from our team.

Here you can work out in a calm an inspiring atmosphere and focus on your wellbeing. “

Our team- young and high qualified instructors attend to quick realization of desired results and your good mood during the training. Despite the wishes- specific results or maintaining good vision and spirit, your purposes are our too. Together we will achieve balance of the body and spirit, fully prosperity and sense of satisfaction. Thus to our individual attitude we try to build special connection with each client in Balance Line Studio.

Everyone from the instructors team has been passed professional training/education to work with various appliances and tools, as well as people with different abilities and needs. The team has a special regard to people, who have suffered trauma or such as a result of different diseases.

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