Balance Line Studio was opened in 2016 in Sofia.  Here you can experience authentic Pilates with the Joseph Pilates’ equipment like Reformer, Tower, Chair and Barrel.

Our classes are designed to improve your posture, shape and overall wellbeing with attention to detail and in-depth approach. Your desire and motivation to maintain healthy body will help us to achieve desired results together.

“In Balance Line, we believe that good health is only achievable in a good environment. We created a place with attention to every detail where you can work out in a calm an inspiring atmosphere and improve on your overall wellbeing.

Our main goal is to provide an environment where everyone can work on their goals and needs, improve their posture, stay in shape and feel amazing in their bodies. Our experience proves that with mutual effort and dedication this is absolutely achievable and we welcome anyone who is willing and wants to experience the many benefits of Pilates on themselves.

All of our teachers has been passed professional training and education programs which allows them to work with people with different abilities and needs. We pay special attention to people, who are injured or have suffered trauma as a result of different diseases or accidents.

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