Functional training


Functional Training workouts at the Balance Line Studio are combination of strength, core and cardio. The workout is more intense than the classic Pilates workout and include more cardio elements. It is suitable for both active people and those who want to increase their muscle tone and endurance and is very effective for weight loss. The workout is not suitable for immobilized people, people with cardiovascular problems, as well as those who have moderate mobility difficulties.

In these workouts we use equipment such as Cross Core, Ugi ball, dumbbells, rubber bands, balls and includes exercises on mat as well as body weight exercises.



Ugi Balls are colourful balls with different weight used during the functional training workouts to challenge the stability, strength and endurance.

CrossCore takes all the benefits of traditional bodyweight training exercises and adds instability, rotation and dynamic tension to challenge your balance and core strength. Using the Cross Core Rotational Body Weight Training system, the exercises create the instability to triggers the use of your stabilizing muscles that you need to improve your performance in your daily activities and performance. Strengthen your muscles with good control and perform better in your sporting endeavors.


All Functional Training workouts are personal to maintain better results and avoid injuries.